I just reviewed the sounds and everything is great...!! Fantastic job once again....

Thanks a ton,


Bill Paukert
(Bill Paukert from Hasbro Toys Inc.
on Dinosaur sounds for new toy line released in 2009)

Hey Wes,
The (toy) show was incredible! I cant thank you and
Rick enough for helping me out,
you guys are soooo incredibly talented and
professional, it is an honor to be able
to work with you both... Thanks again Wes for all
you awesome help!!!!!!


(Ralph Cosentino – animator/illustrator
Penguin Publishing/Cartoon network/Hallmark Cards)

Thanks for sending the INHUMANITY QUEST CD. Super
nice production.
I''ve definitely got you in my file and I haven't
forgotten about your killer production
and voice talents.


(Jacob Bronstein Executive Producer Random
House Audio on audio book production) 

We on the Inbound Licensing Team are in total awe of
your talents. We are moving these (sound effects and
voice files) directly to the approval stage The
authentic nuance of “bot” sounds is phenomenal and
is bound to play well through the higher quality
ornament speakers.



Gil Reis
Product designer - American Greetings Inc.

"Strawberry Automatic" certainly fits right in the
science-fiction genre. The sound
quality proves crystal-clear, while the choice of
sound effects and background sound
substantially enhances this production. When it
comes to quality and production,
Apex Audio (Creekside Audio's audio book site) may
not be on top of Mount Everest,
but it most certainly has made a significant ascent
unto the mountain.

Lance Eaton
(review on audio book production)

Everyone here loves the CD that you did - in line
with the other successes
that you have done! We are good to go! Thanks for
all your hard work....


(Joanna Jark – editor at Learning Horizons/American
Greetings on childrens audio book production)